Every child wants to have their own adventures so let the special child
in your life be the star in their very own adventure story!!
The Island of the Care-A-Beans,
your child will jump on board the Get Up'n Go machine with
Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber as
they learn the importance of caring for others.
Personalized Veggie Tales Adventure Book
The Island is in danger of sinking in the ocean!  Bob is worried, Larry is looking for a superhero but all this adventure
really needs is that special child in your life.  In fact, your child is actually the hero of the story, solving the
problem of the "sinking" island and teaching an important lesson to the beans about caring.


For determining the age level, if you have a young child (2 or so) but they love to sit still and listen to long stories,
consider getting the older level.  If you have an older child (5 or 6) but they are active and don't have a long
attention span, you may want to get the younger version.  That's what makes this book so great; it truly is
personalized for each child!!                                             

I will need this information for each child:
Name (first name only)
City and State
Male or Female
Older of Younger child
Personality Type  (Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, Beaver) The animal is not listed in the story, the "traits" of that
personality are.....

These books make really great gifts.  You can be assured that a gift like this will NEVER end up at the re-sell-it
shop.  Something personalized will be a keepsake they will keep forever!

If you have any questions about this or any of my other products you can email me at
  • Lion:  confident, goal driven, take charge         

  • Otter: enthusiastic, fun loving, talkative

  • Golden Retriever: sensitive, loyal, thoughtful

  • Beaver:  practical, orderly, project-oriented
This book has full-color pages and great
artwork and story by the Veggie Tales
writers.  This is a hardbound book with
your child's name showing through the
front cover.  Like all Veggie Tales
products, this book is entertaining yet
teaches positive messages to your
Younger Version
Older Version
This adventure story is personalized by name, city
and state, gender,age-appropriation (younger or
older child),and best of all...personality type!!  
They are:
Your child is an active part of this adventure with his/her name on every page!
To determine the age level look at these two pictures:
$24.95 Each         Shipped  USPS  Priority $5.75
Younger version has less words, but the
same amount of pages AND the same
great story!!
Older version has same amount of pages
and the same story, just a lot more
words and detail!!
Child's Name
City & State
Personality Type
Older Or Younger
Boy Or Girl
shipped to another address, I
can add a gift card. Give me
the gift card info in the
"notes" section of paypal
and the recipients address
in the "shipping to" section.