Let Us Thank God Personalized Book
Let Us Thank God is a wonderful way to introduce your Christian
faith to your child or grandchild.  Little ones will learn some of the
many ways we should thank God every day, like our parents, sight,
taste, friends, pets , our life and even the concept of prayer is

This hard cover book is 33 pages in length with full color pages. The
story is personalized with the child's full name, age, city and state
and even friends or cousins can be added making this story truly
about them.  See the pictures below for much more information
about this story.
Let Us Thank God                       $16.95
1st Class Shipping                        $ 4.00
Full Name
Nick Name
City & State
Pet Name
Book From
Date of Gift
Normally this page would have the child's full name.  This book was made
with just their first and last name.  The child's middle name is optional.  
Their nick name, if
they have one, is
given in the order
information, that
name will be  used
throughout the rest
of the story.  The
"book from" names
are also used on this
page along with the
dedication page.
I love this page telling
the child that the
first gift God gave
them was life and
explaining how the
from God to their
parents.  I think this
is a concept we all
need to know....
On this page the
child's city and
state is added
(this one only has
the city).  
Here the child
learns that
animals are part
of God's
creation.  If the
child has a pet,
their name will be
used to explain
that pets are our
friends and a gift
from God.  If no
pet is owned, you
can leave this
field blank.
Here, the child
learns that prayer
is even a gift from
A child is never too
young to be introduced
to the concept that
they too make choices
and that God gives us
the strength to choose
right over wrong. I
absolutely LOVE this
The end of the book
has a thank  you
prayer that helps the
child learn how to pray
and how praying is a
conversation to God
that doesn't have to
be formal.
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to make your book.  Thanks....
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