Flannel Swaddling Blankets
These blankets are 100% cotton
flannel.  They are so soft and are a
large 42 X 42 inches or larger.  With
blankets this large you can get a
nice snug wrap, even on the most
wriggly baby.  

Take a look at the choices below to
see what is offered.
Flannel Swaddler                           $12.95
1st Class Shipping                         $  3.95
Flannel Print & Color
Flannel w Lions
Pink Flannel w/Brown Animals
Flannel Trains
Lime Flannel w Brown Animals
Flannel  Lambs
Flannel Little Buddy
  • Blankets are finished with like
    colored thread.
  • These blankets grow with your
    child.  When they have outgrown
    enough to use as nap time
    blankets.  My grandchildren still
    use theirs even though they are
       in preschool.
These all cotton blankets make great
nursing covers.  Their nice size make a
more secure cover.

  • Large enough to lay out as a play
    blanket when visiting other

  • 100% Cotton makes them
    "breathable" so they are good to use
    when covering a stroller to providing

  • Consider giving a new mom a nice
    supply of these for a baby shower or
    new born gift.  They will definitely be
    used and appreciated!
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answered here, please email me here    
Blue Flannel
Blue Multi Dot Flannel
Lavender Flannel