Personalized DVD's make really great gifts.  
Each DVD has the child's name all throughout.  
Not just their face, but their names are
heard.  These are very cool!!  To see more
about each video, click on each picture below.  
They will take you to a
page where you can see more.
This Jesus Loves You DVD
helps support your Christian
Values.  It's very eye
catching and lively, with scene
changes every few seconds
attention. The child's name is
spoken and written throughout
this  beautiful video.
The Veggie Tales DVD is the first
of its kind.  They have taken the
animated characters and done
syllable sensitive  animation, so
Bob and  Larry are REALLY
saying the child's name.  Very
Cool! The songs are Silly Songs,
and each one is personalized. Now
you can watch and hear Bob and
Larry talking just to them.
You Can Do Anything is a
fun-loving DVD.  With nature
scenes, cartoon clips and
children dancing, each song will
have your child up and
Personalized DVD's
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