• If you want a peaceful car ride then get one of these CDs.  Ever since I bought the personalized Elmo CD
    for my daughter she has listened to him and enjoyed her trips.  Bill G.    Missouri

  • You have made one little boy very, VERY happy!!!  The look on his face was completely priceless; first
    confusion, then wonder, then amazement-then complete joy!  This was money well spent!  I can't thank you
    enough!!!    Michelle   Tennessee

  • All I can is WOW!!!  My daughter loved the Elmo CD.  She just couldn't believe that Elmo was singing to
    her....Hearing her name being sung by Elmo made her jump up and down and dance around the room with
    joy....Actually you could say Elmo taught her to say her name because she just kept repeating Alannah
    every time he said it.  She's only 19 months and had never said her own name till then, so thanks so much
    for the joy and fun this CD has brought to her and me!!  I will absolutely buy more!!    Sharyn   Ireland

  • Madison was listening to the samples of the Princess CD on the website with me and her face just lit up
    when she heard her name.  We just went to Disney World in December, so I think she thinks they sent it
    to her. LOL!!  She just keeps saying, "Momma, I want to hear my song on the computer again!"  I can't
    wait to have the CD.  Thanks!    Amanda   Missouri

  • It has been 6 months since we purchased the Mickey Mouse Cd for our 4 year old boy, Austin.  It has
    become a staple in our musical rotation and we still get a kick out of hearing Mickey, Minnie and Goofy
    singing his name.  We are so accustomed to hearing it now that I cannot imagine not having it with us,
    whether on our way to school or on the road trips we often take as a family.  What child would not enjoy
    hearing his or her name over the radio?  You have a real hit on your hands.  Our family will certainly be
    back for more.  It's a good thing we have a 6 disc CD changer!  Thanks again!   Greg   Arkansas

  • Paige was so funny when she heard the CD.  She kept looking around the room trying to see where Elmo's
    voice was coming from.  Thanks again!!   Jamie

  • I just bought the Mickey CD for my friend's baby boy.  He was born the same day as my son, so they will
    both turn 1 in June.  I had purchased the Veggie Tales Sing-A-Long CD awhile back and have it in my
    car.  My son loves it!!!  Every time he gets sleepy or if he gets restless, I put the CD in and he will
    immediately calm down and get quiet so he can listen to the Veggie Tales characters sing the songs with
    his name in them.  I love it so much that I had to get a CD for my friends son.   Amy   Louisiana

  • I just received the Lullaby CD and basket.  I cried listening to the CD, it is so precious.  I will definitely
    be ordering more from you in the future.  I have decided that the Infant gift basket is going to be my
    official baby shower gift!      Jessica    Missouri

  • We just got our Mickey Mouse CD and we love it.  My son, Brodey, who is 2 years old thinks it's odd to
    hear his name coming from the CD player.  It's awesome to hear his name sung with all these wonderful
    songs.  Thank you     Blanca      Arizona

  • I received the Veggie Tales Adventure Book basket today and it is just adorable.  I'm sure he will love
    it.  I will pass your information on to my friends at work.    Pat     Missouri

  • Hello- I purchased a personalized Veggie Tales CD from you awhile back for my daughter.  I just wanted
    you to know that she loves it and thinks Bob and Larry made it just for her!  A perfect gift and it sounds
    fantastic.  Thank you again!       Pamela     Texas

  • (about my new burp cloth line)  I loved these burp cloths because they were not only absorbent and sturdy
    but they were cute and soft as well.    Leah    Missouri

  • This is the second blanket I've bought from you. My 4m old son loves his. This lavender one is for my
    newborn niece. Thank you so much.   Anne Marie    Ontario, Canada

  • I got this blanket as a baby shower gift when my daughter was born.
She has carried it with her every day since.  In this picture we were
making a fort with it and she was being so cute. She REALLY loves
that blanket!
       Katy  Texas

  • I am so very pleased with both the burp clothes as well as the swaddling
blankets by Kidz Unique Boutique!  The store-bought kinds don't even come
close to comparing with the high quality materials used in these products and
I can't tell you how much I love the colors and print options.  Thank you so
much for providing an alternative choice to the less-than-optimal store brands
out there.   Angel   Missouri
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